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Overcoming Potential Barriers In Effective Communication

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The following report will discuss and resolve the possible barriers in effective communication. It will include different ways in which to overcome the threats that pursue an important discussion, debate or conversation. This report can be useful for people writing reports on effective communication in and around their business or company.

Potential Barrier in communication (Cultural Differences)

Cultural differences can cause many problems in an effective discussion, for example: If two people are trying to have a discussion and both speak different languages, it would be extremely difficult to communicate, in different cultures hand signs represent gestures that the British take politely. Religious issues can accelerate a normal discussion into a debate.

How to overcome

Possible ways of overcoming potential barriers that cultural differences create
There are some ways of resolving these, some of which are the following: learn their language, hire an interpreter, carry a translating dictionary, Instead of trying to communicate with hand signs and offend them, research some different signs that mean something polite and respectful, these are all ways that can solve the problems of effective communication in cultural differences.

Potential Barrier in communication (Distractions)

Distractions are one of the most annoying potential barriers; sometimes they are inescapable or unpreventable. However, some of them can be avoided, for example: mobile phones, people arriving late, changing the subject, talking about a different topic, some of these are preventable though.

How to overcome

Possible ways to overcome potential barriers that distractions create
Some distractions are unpreventable, but are some are avoidable, for example: turn mobile phones off, arrive on time or come in quietly. Some of the distractions that are inescapable are as follows: road works outside, mobile phone, someone arriving late.

Potential Barrier in communication (Incorrect spelling/grammar)

Incorrect spelling is a potential barrier in communication because it can be misinterpreted as something else and an important message might not be passed on, this can happen in any written forms of communication, for example: email, snail- mail, memo, etc.

How to overcome

Possible ways to overcome potential barriers that incorrect spelling/grammar creates. There are a number of ways to overcome incorrect spelling/grammar; firstly the spellchecker is useful for simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Next, proofreading is important as this is more accurate than spellchecker because machines do not know what context is suitable; finally, a second opinion is the best option to overcome this barrier, getting a friend to check the work over ensures better work.

Potential Barrier in communication (Terminology)

Using the wrong terminology is very poor quality communication; it can lead to misunderstanding of an important issue, terminology that is too simple, example, thingy and stuff, is far too vaguer terminology to understand, if someone is having a technical discussion about something they need to use technical terminology. The wrong terminology can also result in loss of interest.

How to overcome

Possible ways to overcome potential barriers that incorrect terminology creates
There is no easy way to correct terminology; use same level of technical language, provide audience with information about the topic to make communication easier, example: handouts.

Potential Barrier in communication (Loss of interest)

Loss of interest is the cause of poor communication, meaning a boring issue is being discussed or incorrect terminology is being used. The subject might not be relevant to people in the audience, talking too quietly, talking in a monotone.

How to overcome

Possible ways to overcome potential barriers that loss of interest causes
There are numerous ways to overcome loss of interest, for example: talking in different tones relevant to the subject, interact with the audience, use interesting slideshows, video clips, and pictures. Loss of interest is only caused by: a boring subject, the wrong terminology, talking in monotone, these problems can easily be solved.


There are a lot of potential barriers in communication, all of which can be overcome with a discussion between a group of people, this is what we did, and we came up with different ways in which to overcome possible drawbacks in effective communication. I have expressed the potential barriers in effective communication and their methods of overcoming them. I have listed five different possible drawbacks, which are as follows: Cultural Difference, Distractions, Incorrect spelling/grammar, Terminology, Loss of interest. Some of the methods of overcoming them are easier than others. However, some may take time, for example: learning a new language.


  1. Listening is a great act of communicating effectively.

  2. Ousman Faal says:

    Yeah that’s true

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